Triple Jeopardy For The Nigerian Dead

In Nigeria, you may be born rich or poor but you must do your absolute best not to be poor by the time your death comes. Because, your life is devalued. You suffer triple jeopardy of you die poor

  1. The government will not protect you so powerful and violent people can decide to kill you if they see a reason to. Or even the government itself can actively or mistakenly kill you.
  2. As if that is not enough, you might just die and your life might be too devalued to be included in the “official" figures released for number dead by the government. Like you are just a number that can be erased, a statistic that can be altered so the situation doesn’t look too bad.
  3. After you have died, people will not let you rest. Everyone will politicize your death again. Because this is Nigeria and you were poor when you died so you cannot be allowed to Rest in Peace.

A Beautiful Mind