More Health Plans — Senior Citizens and a Family Plan

Sometime in April (thankfully, not the event the popular film of the same name dramatizes) I put out this POST talking about how we had been working in partnership with Hygeia HMO to make health plans affordable.

You can simply buy health plans, pay monthly and select one of almost 800 hospitals nationwide immediately. We brought you 2 plans, HY Basic at N2,950 monthly as well as HY Prime at N5,850 monthly. No pre-qualification required. You simply visit the CREDEQUiTY site HERE, supply your phone number and if your monthly disposable income covers the cost of the plan, its a go. Instant access to healthcare.

In that period, while a lot people visited the site to try to buy, our conversion rate was about 5%. So we picked up the phone and called most of those who dropped off. The main drop-off reasons were:

Nigerians love their parents, eh?

So, most people wanted plans for parents over 50 (especially diaspora people) and also to buy family plans, especially for their staff — since our existing plans were individual plans, what was the point if the driver is covered and his kids were not?

Our New Plans

The Senior Plans

For now, you can only pay for these senior plans with a Nigerian Bank-issued card, but we’re working on international card acceptance. We’ll provide updates once that is done.

The Family Plan

SMEs Can Buy As Well

In this update, we’ve included a way for SMEs to buy group plans for their staff and pay monthly. So you really don’t have any reason not to have HMO cover for your staff any longer. Plus the journey is really seamless. Main prep you need to do is make sure you have pictures of the staff you’d like to enroll saved when you start the process on the site.

Charity Anyone?

And The Hospital List

You can view and/or download the hospital lists per category whenever you view plans on the site. You’ll see it as shown below under Hospital Coverage, on a plan by plan basis:

To get started, please Click HERE.

Plus we have a few other exciting things coming up in Rent and Vehicle Insurance.

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