More Health Plans — Senior Citizens and a Family Plan

Nigerians love their parents, eh?

Our New Plans

So we got to work, and we’re very happy to announce that we’ve been able to create something with Hygeia that deals with this. We now have 2 Senior Plans and a basic family plan.

The Senior Plans

The Senior Mini plan is N9,000 monthly, while the Senior Midi plan is N24,100 monthly. The big difference is that the Senior Midi plan covers chronic illnesses and their medication (diabetes, hypertension, e.t.c), has much higher limits, gives access to semi-private wards and a more exclusive set of hospitals. The details of the benefits for each senior plan is below

The Family Plan

We have also created a basic family plan at N6,000 Monthly. This plan covers a family of 4 — Parents and 2 dependents. Crucially, the maximum age for this plan is 70Years, hence it covers parents who are above 50 as well. While this plan currently does not cover maternity, we are working to improve it to include this and also increase the number of people covered to 5 (Nigeria’s average urban family size is 5). We’ll keep you posted on this.

SMEs Can Buy As Well

Most SMEs do not have Health Plans for their employees today. The two issues are the cost of paying annually, as well as a lack of product fit in what HMOs offer.

Charity Anyone?

You can now also buy plans for a group of people and subscribe to pay for them monthly. This works mainly for all the individual plans including the HY Basic, HY Prime, Senior Mini and Senior Midi plans. So if there’s a group of people you’d like to help, simply select GROUP on the landing page and follow the journey to the end. It’s really simple.

And The Hospital List

Finally, we have also included the hospital list, so that you can find a hospital close to you to chose from. There are almost 800 solid hospitals nationwide, categorized into B, C and D.

To get started, please Click HERE.

We’ll keep improving the customer journey, experience, the quality and affordability of these monthly plans until everyone can afford to have Health Insurance.



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