Congratulations Egbon TK On Ayinla — The Movie

Ayinla The Movie Set Picture

Sometime in 2018, after my book, Afonja The Rise, came out, I got a call from egbon Moruff Adenekan who was managing PR for the book for me. He had given a copy to the legendary Tunde Kelani, and TK wanted to see me.

Earlier that year, TK had hit 70. We talked about my book, but that’s not what this piece is about. It was the start of an egbon and aburo relationship that I cherish greatly. TK graciously supported me when I launched the book in 2019 and was on the review panel. That day, he first mentioned his desire to do a film on Ayinla Omowura to me. I remember him saying many were questioning if he still had it. In the other conversations we had after the day, he kept going back to that film.

TK, Oladimeji Ojo, Dr. Ajayi and Kunle Kasunmu at the Afonja The Rise Launch

So, I was overjoyed he announced that work on the film had started. And very delighted when he got Jade Osiberu to produce it. When I saw the cast, some of my faves (some of who I had just worked with) were in it, and I knew were going to have a classic on our hands.

Sometimes, it seemed TK spoke as if this film would be a swan song, a befitting crown to an illustrious career. But I am absolutely certain that there are many more films that egbon will create and bring to the world. I can’t wait to watch Ayinla and you absolutely should plan to. I congratulate TK and everyone that worked on this!

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