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Sometime in 2018, after my book, Afonja The Rise, came out, I got a call from egbon Moruff Adenekan who was managing PR for the book for me. He had given a copy to the legendary Tunde Kelani, and TK wanted to see me.

Earlier that year, TK had hit 70. We talked about my book, but that’s not what this piece is about. It was the start of an egbon and aburo relationship that I cherish greatly. TK graciously supported me when I launched the book in 2019 and was on the review panel. That day, he first mentioned…

What Happened?

So, over the last few days, it finally became public that access to BVN Verfication Services is no longer available except you are licensed by the CBN. And, if you are one of the licensed players that has access to it, you cannot extend the service to anyone unlicensed. That’s all well and good — BVN is a banking industry data asset, and its their prerogative to do as they please with it.

The Issue

Of course, the issue is that many of us in the tech community have built our KYC, customer onboarding, and identity-based risk management around the BVN. So…

Sometime in April (thankfully, not the event the popular film of the same name dramatizes) I put out this POST talking about how we had been working in partnership with Hygeia HMO to make health plans affordable.

You can simply buy health plans, pay monthly and select one of almost 800 hospitals nationwide immediately. We brought you 2 plans, HY Basic at N2,950 monthly as well as HY Prime at N5,850 monthly. No pre-qualification required. You simply visit the CREDEQUiTY site HERE, supply your phone number and if your monthly disposable income covers the cost of the plan, its a…

What Have I Been Up To?

Many writers will tell you that they find it easier to write about other people than about themselves and what they are doing. But at certain milestones, it is important to pause, breathe, and document what one has been doing.

2017 was a particularly hectic year for me. First, the family grew, little man came. While working full time at Interswitch on a job that required a bit of intra Africa travel, I was also building up our consultancy, SBM Intelligence along with 2 partners. I also finished work on my novel, Afonja The Rise, after 3 years and published…

So I work in payments and in tech circles, it’s the in thing now. Everyone is either doing a payment app, a disintermediation system (a la Uber) or an aggregator type platform.

But what I find is people who know the tech of the thing but have almost zero idea of the business of the thing.

For payments for example, the tech once you figure it out is fairly simple. You just need to build it robust enough to be successful say 99% of the time. …

Yes. Contrary to what the conferences say and many nice speakers and reports postulate, Africa will not Tech, Entrepreneur or Small Business its way to development and prosperity.

This is because all these three things are actually results or if you like they are based on other things. Every single one of them is buzzy and provides nice soundbites for conferences across and outside the continent, but you can’t make the result your starting point.

Small business, tech and entrepreneurship leverages certain things to happen and until we get those right, they will not deliver the type of growth and…

So this is going to be short. The purpose is to clarify what in my view are the roles of each of the parties in the subject is in governance, so that hopefully people do not get guilt-tripped into anything by those who have turned themselves into the accountability police.

First, citizens. The main role of citizen in a democracy is to participate. Examine the options presented and make an (hopefully) informed choice with your votes. After you do, your role shifts into holding the government OF THE DAY accountable. You can chose to call for dealing with the past…

I wrote this a while ago, but with recent events like the videos of Pastor Ashimolowo that trended on twitter, Pastor Ibiyeomie and how the Kemi Olunloyo matter was handled and many others, I thought to share again here.

One of the most abused verses of scripture is found in 1st Chronicles 16:22. This is what it says

“Saying, Touch not mine anointed and do my prophets no harm”.

Often, when men of God are held up to public scrutiny in Nigeria, their followers and colleagues rush to beat the public over the head with this scripture, wielding it as…

From my immediate University clique, another person is leaving Nigeria for America at the end of this month, with her family of three. Virtually every month for the last two years, I’ve gone to visit one person or the other who was making a similar move. In fact, one of them did this spreadsheet to show justify with numbers why he was moving his family to UK while remaining here to work until he made up his mind whether he would up and leave to join them as well.

Screenshot of my friend’s spreadsheet

When I asked most of them (who had decent jobs/businesses and…

My friend Cheta Nwanze is giving a talk for the CBN today on The Gig Economy and while discussing it with him yesterday, it triggered a couple of thoughts I thought to share.

One of the peculiarities of being human is that whilst big changes might be happening when we take the long view, there are very few generations that actually experience these changes in their lifetimes. So for a long time, everyone moved around riding horses and camels. But sometime around 150years ago, the automobile came into the scene. It was only one generation that really experienced a period…

Tunde Leye

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